By Ranjeet

GoPro, Inc.Short Interest Down 10.3% in November

Image Credit : Unsplash

Since November 15th, there was short interest amounting to 8,320,000 shares, a drop of 10.3% from the October 31st overall of 9,280,000 shares. 

Based upon a typical everyday volume of 1,820,000 shares, the days-to-cover ratio is currently 4.6 days. 

The stock has a market cap of $863.85 million, a price-to-earnings ratio of 11.54 

and a beta of 1.22. GoPro has a fifty-two week low of $4.50 and a fifty-two week high of $11.59. 

The company had profits of $305.13 million for the quarter, compared to expert price quotes of $297.54 million.  

As a group, research study experts prepare for that GoPro will publish 0.28 profits per share for the existing.  

GoPro, Inc establishes and offers cams, wearable and mountable devices, 

and membership services and software application in the United States and worldwide. 

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